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Message Centers

With almost 20% of the US population moving in a year, new potential customers of varying demographics are always viewing your signs. Message displays are a very versatile form of advertising. These bright signs give you the opportunity to display a dynamic message with current content.
A truly eye-catching visual, message centers often display the current time and temperature as well as utilize animation, color usage and graphic elements to create a visual impact to grab the viewer's attention. Message Centers provide the quick and effective communication that is essential for every business or organization — whether you run a retail shop, auto dealer, church, school, restaurant or even a bank.
Every business is unique. We'll work with you to determine the right message center display for your business needs.

Watchfire Digital led Signs

When it comes to purchasing a new LED sign or message center for your business, quality should be something at the top of mind. That's why Lightning Quick Signs,LLC. has partnered with one of the best in digital sign manufacturers, Watchfire. Not only are these amazing LED signs some of the highest quality products on the market, they are American owned and manufactured in the U.S.A.
Watchfire certified service partner - digital led signs in the Mississippi Gulf Coast

LED Sign basics


What is an LED sign

While they can sometimes be known as electronic message centers, digital displays, electronic signs, or reader boards, when it comes down to it, they are all digital displays. These electronic signs allow you to portray any infinite number or messages, images, and more to anyone viewing them, 24-hours a day. Not only can you send an immediate message to potential ... Read more
Led vs standard energy savings - led signs in the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Save Energy

By upgrading your outdated bulb-based message center to an LED sign, you can keep the message going about your business for 100,000 hours while consuming a fraction of the electricity. Not only do these beautiful displays run on minimal energy, but they also may include an automatic dimming feature for easy nighttime viewing, lowering power consumption even further.

What is Pixel Pitch?

You’ll often hear digital signs referred to by their pixel pitch (e.g. 10mm, 19mm, 35mm). The pixel pitch is effectively the resolution of the sign. The resolution of a sign is dependent upon the distance between each pixel, which is typically comprised of a cluster of three LEDs – one red, one green and one blue. The distance is measured in millimeters and the smaller the ... Read more

What can an LED sign do for your business?

Have you ever wondered how to engage new customers but struggled with other marketing attempts? If so, a LED sign may be a great addition to your business. By adding a digital display outside your business, you can market to the hundreds or thousands of people driving by on a daily basis. The digital world allows you ... Read more

Grow your business

With a beautiful digital sign, your business can effectively market to thousands of people passing by each day. Not only is this great for marketing specials and promotions, but with a visually engaging display, you will deliver a message to the public's subconscious. Even if they don't necessarily need your service at that time, when a problem occurs, you ... Read more

Why Watchfire

There are many different LED display manufacturers, but when Lightning Quick Signs,LLC. was searching for a company to partner up with, there was really only one choice. Watchfire Signs is an American owned business, and since 1932, their dedication to keeping things American owned and produced, coupled with their customer service model, and ... Read more

LED Signs

High resolution sign - led signs in the Mississippi Gulf Coast

High Resolution Signs

If you are looking for a truly stunning digital display, then a high-resolution LED display is the way to go. Offering the most brilliant visual appearance available, they will surely capture the attention of every potential customer passing by.
Medium resolution sign - led signs in the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Medium Resolution Signs

These crisp, clear displays offer great visibility for locations that have fast moving traffic. They are perfect for viewing from distances further away from the road or highway. Medium resolution signs offer the perfect balance between sign size and resolution.
Standard resolution sign - led signs in the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Standard Resolution Signs

For full color and great visibility and a more affordable price point, standard resolution 25mm signs are a great way to advertise for your business. These types of signs offer fantastic imaging that is sure to grab the attention of potential customers.
Monochrome sign - led signs in the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Monochrome Signs

When a simple, effective message to potential customers is what you are looking for, then a monochrome message center is just what you need. Able to produce over 4,000 shades of red or amber, you will be able to relay messages both economically and efficiently.
Time and Temperature signs - led signs in the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Time & Temperature Signs

As the first type of electric message center, time and temperature signs are a wonderful addition to any business. These widely used signs are possibly the most photographed signs in America, especially during times of extreme temperatures and crazy weather situations.
Gas Price Displays - led signs in the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Gas Price Displays

There's no denying the fact that gas prices are constantly on the mind of drivers across the nation. With a digital gas price display, you can offer a reliable, energy efficient alternative to traditional bulb driven signs, that will accurately display the current price per gallon to everyone driving by.
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